Macedonia has a long and well-known tradition of culinary specialities.

The soil's richness and fertility, make it Balkan's cradle of agriculture. The ecological environment, the mild and warm climate offer a wealth of plants, distinctive for Europe and the Mediterranean. Therefore, being a small country, Macedonia has a variety of products starting from citrus fruits, grapevines, nuts, tobacco, to rice and the traditional high-quality beans.

Apart from the richness in plants, this country also has a variety of meat such as veal, pork and chicken, provides high-quality lambs, while the forests are abundant in game. Being dairy products manufacturer, Macedonia is well-known for its dairy products, especially the high-quality types of cheese and yellow cheese, yoghurt and milk. There are as many types of cheese as there are villages in Macedonia.

The wines are of world quality, with authentic grapevines such as Vranec, but at the same time having the quality of the traditional Cabernet Sauvugnon, Merlot etc. The numerous wineries produce wines which can be compared to the quality of French, Italian and California wines. What is typical of Macedonia is the distillation of the well-esteemed rakija and mastika, requested by Macedonians, but even more by visitors. Even though Macedonian cuisine has features specific for the Balkans, it also has its own characteristics which make it authentic.

Although traditional, the pindzur, tarator, pies, burek, baklava or tulumba are prepared every day as part of the homemade food. Tavche gravche, zelnik, country meat, turlitava, pastrmajlija and the unique ajvar will be a true gastronomic delight for you.

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